The Maestro Meats Pantry

At Meastro Meats we offer a great selection of pantry choices which are both tasty and convenient.
Select from locally sourced milk, eggs, honey, sauces, pasta and more.

Beerenberg BBQ Sauce

Gluten Free Beerenberg BBQ SAUCE

Fragrant spices, smoky goodness.  Delicious and smoky Beerenberg BBQ Sauce, so delicious you will want two bottles in your house at once.

That’s Beerenberg BBQ sauce. Lovingly crafted on the Beerenberg family farm in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, this sauce was developed to complement all red and white meats, as well as sausages and vegetables.

A pantry isn’t complete without a few sauces, it’s Gluten Free and Vegan.

Tania Sauerkraut

Tania Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is one of the greatest probiotic foods out there! Sauerkraut recipes not only taste great on hot dogs, hamburgers or on their own, but fermented foods are rich in organic acids, which stimulate the growth of good bacteria.

Naturally fermented sauerkraut tastes delicious – crunchy and tangy.

Rich in probiotics that are essential for strong immunity, good digestion, brain and skin function and healthy metabolism, sauerkraut is an excellent addition to any diet.

Team it with eggs every morning, throw into salads at lunch and use as a condiment with evening meals.

Ingredients: white cabbage, salt.

Product of Poland.

Free Range Eggs

Free Range Eggs 800g

Locally sourced delicious free range eggs, Extra Large.

Murray River Salt

Murray River Salt

Award winning Murray River Salt ‘Salt Flakes’ now available in a great value 250g package!
The 250g Home Chef Box is a convenient size for those ‘home chefs’ who like all things salty!
You get 250g of Murray River Salt ‘Salt Flakes’ in a sealed bag inside the cardboard box.

Murray River Salt ‘Salt Flakes’ are produced from the saline aquifers of the once ancient sea which is now known as the Murray Darling Basin. The award-winning Murray River Salt ‘Salt Flakes’ have won prizes for their unique flavour, texture and appealing natural colour. These delicate salt flakes are an ideal garnish and finishing salt to compliment any dish.

Murray River Salt is an Australian Made, Family Owned and Operated Australian Business.